Haugfjell Panorama

This 360° panorama was shot at the summit of Haugfjell, above Rombaksbotn in Narvik, Norway. Rombaksbotn was a company town for a few years around the end of the 19th century, when the Ofotbanen/Malmbanan railway line was being constructed. The line was built to transport iron ore from the mines in Sweden to the harbour in Narvik, and is visible on the opposite side of the Rombaksfjord. Katterat is an important station for local tourism on the line, being used as a starting point for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer season.

Narvik Panorama

This is a panorama I shot from the top floor of Narvik’s new Rica Hotel. The pictures were taken a while after sunset, and the panorama covers the view to the west and north from roughly mid town. Just left of center is LKAB’s iron ore harbour, and hither the remains of the old industrial area the town was built around; now under partial redevelopment.

Tempelfjord Panorama

This 360° view is composed of about a dozen pictures I took on 22 April 2013, on the sea ice of Svalbard’s Tempelfjord, in front of the Von Post glacier.

When taking pictures for a panorama, it is generally good practice to mount the camera on a tripod and keep settings unchanged between frames. The pictures used for this panorama were shot in full auto mode with a hand-held compact camera, and not post-processed in any way, which shows in the result.

The panorama was assembled with Hugin, an open-source panorama photo stitching program, and I think it did well considering the source material. Pictures with very high aspect ratio (width vs. height) are kind of awkward to display, but the Google Maps engine serves as a nice viewer. An application called GMap Image Cutter does the job of slicing the panorama into tiles suitable for the map engine, and also provides the necessary JavaScript framework for it.

On this particular panorama, I’ve added place marks to point out a few features around the fjord. The Norwegian Polar Institute has a nice topographical map of the area.